The FREE social tennis club app to manage competitions and connect members.

Slam combines next-generation technology and easy-to-use features to transform communications, rostering and administration of tennis clubs.

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Connect With Club Members

Notifying all club members can be impossible. Getting club members together is tricky. Teaching club members how to umpire can be difficult. That's why Slam provides real-time notifications, familiar social networking tools and seamless in-app rostering, match scoring and umpiring.

Awesome Features

Slam does more than just simplify communications – it inspires all levels of your tennis club to embrace digital, and adopt a culture of collaboration. In addition, Slam is easy to use because it's based on familiar features. No training is required.

Club Management

Slam provides features to manage your club anywhere at any time on your mobile device, no clunky admin website required. Manage competitions, teams, players, and substitutes all within the app. Track team and player statistics.

Instant Notifications

Get instantly notified when matches are cancelled, and when you or your children are scheduled to play. Keep up to date on important club news, events and discussions. And with likes, comments, and chat, you can get instant feedback on the pulse of the club.

Umpire Matches

Go paperless and be more environmentally friendly. Umpire matches in real-time on mobile or tablet devices, simply tap on the screen or enter set scores when matches are complete.

Stay Connected

Share news and media, chat with club members, find substitutes, view match schedules and receive real-time score updates - all with secure photo/file sharing and unlimited storage.

Secure & Private

Bringing your club onto Slam means that you'll be joining, and creating, a community where security comes first. Clubs are private closed environments; managers invite members and approve membership requests ensuring that only the right people have access to your club. Slam customers fully own their data.


Most collaboration software becomes harder to use the more popular it gets – like trying to have a quiet conversation in a crowded bar. Slam combines the real-time urgency of instant messaging with more deliberate discussions within the club news feed.

Screenshots of App

See for yourself just how intuitive and user friendly Slam is. If you would like to see Slam in action please request a personalised demo.

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Available For FREE

Slam's visually attractive crisp interface scales beautifully across mobile and tablet, whilst retaining an exceptional user experience.

Ready for iOS and Android

  • Designed for Mobile Devices
  • Familiar User Experience
  • Common Touch Gestures
  • Elements Have a Clear Purpose
  • Native App Performance
  • Simple to Follow Navigation
  • Responsive Minimalistic Design
  • Blazingly Fast Smooth Screens
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